Using Elevators as Print Advertising Vehicles

It's like an inside-out wrap – in print!

Vehicle wrapping has been a popular advertising vehicle for a while, but it's only in recent years that elevator wrapping has become a trend. In many ways, it's like a newer, better form of vehicle wrap. Just a few of the perks include:

Captive audiences – Thousands of people stream through high-rise elevators every day, and allow themselves to be stuck inside for minutes at a time with nothing to do.



Nobody likes downtime – A vinyl wrap covering the inside of an elevator in a fun or interesting way won't just be hard to ignore, it will be a much-appreciated diversion. After all, riding in elevators is one of the more awkward urban experiences.


Moving parts to work with – One of the coolest features of elevator advertising is that the sliding doors can be used to create an eye-catching effect. The doors can work with each other, and they can open to reveal a supporting image on the back wall of the elevator.



Three-dimensional space – An elevator also offers print advertisers a small space in which walls, floor, ceiling, and the inside and outside of doors can be perfectly controlled advertising space.


Not only are the possibilities for innovative print advertising endless when it comes to elevators, many of them haven't been thought up and beat to death yet. Have you seen any great designs lately? Post them in the comments to contribute to this conversation!

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