Best Disney/Marvel Mashup Galleries

Now your childhood IS just one big jumble of images!

As my many thousands of readers know, I like to keep things fresh around here, so while yesterday we discussed the future of the printing industry, today we'll have a look at some hilarious graphic design awesomeness brought to you by yesterday's announcement that Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment and the 5,000-or-so characters of the Marvel Universe.

Intending to write a little post speculating on the design of a Disney/Marvel logo, I was blown away to discover that the web is already awash with hundreds of pieces of Disney/Marvel mashup art.

This has got to be the corporate merger that has generated the most design inspiration in history. Sketchers are sketching, painters are painting, and even writers are fast writing out new crossover storylines.

You can check out some of the best Disney/Marvel mashup galleries on Super Punch, BleedingCool, The Fire Wire, and of course, flickr and DeviantART.

No word yet on if or how Disney's advertising collateral will change, but if their marketing team is stuck for ideas, they'll have no shortage of sources for inspiration!

Hmm, maybe I should be putting the Hotcards' design team to work on a proposal…

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