The Best Artistic Printing Websites

Oh, for the glory days…

The design community has been abuzz over the last few weeks with the launch of The Handy Book of Artistic Printing, a tasty volume by graphic designer Doug Clouse and writer-designer Angela Voulangas. The Handy Book looks back on an era of print history when the line between printer and designer was blurry, and the exploration of what could be done with embellishments and typefaces was an exciting new frontier.

Although I've yet to get my paws on a copy, the book looks great, and brings to mind some of my favorite blogs about the art and artfulness of print. While you wait for your copy of The Handy Book, enjoy these, some of the best spots online in which to indulge an enjoyment of printera obscura…

Artistic Printing is the blog recently set up by Clouse and Voulangas. Get some sneak peeks of their book here and gaze upon specimens of print past that can only be classfied as neat-o-be-dee-too.

ForPrintOnly, the newest blog in the Under Consideration stable, features detailed looks at current print design projects, most of which offer the distinct impression that there are still many of us out there who believe in designing and printing with a loving hand.

Sheaff-ephemera is a sprawling and ambitious site compiling bits of paper, typography, photography, and fish into an awesome adventure through the curiosities of print design history.

Not Against Type doesn't just talk wood engraving and letterpress. This blog looks at the oddities of print machinery itself, and examines the artful minutiae of turning an idea into a finished printed piece.

The Human Printer is a tough concept to grasp, and at the same time, it's exactly what it sounds like. Humans emulating the process of CMYK or B&W printing. A team of printers, each with his or her own quirks and capabilities, reproduce printed pieces by hand, with results that are as gorgeously surreal and dreamy as the concept itself.

Ace Jet 170 updates daily with found type, strange bits of printing, illustration, and other general design stuff that is off the beaten track enough to appeal to the most discerning print curiosity junkie.

Beast Pieces is the creative blog of Studio on Fire, a letterpress printing house that never seems to quit with the cool design projects and snippets of lovely printing found around their neck of the woods.

Did I miss any of your favorite artful printing hangouts? Post them here in the comments thread! Goodness knows that when it comes to artistic printing, the rabbit hole goes down, down, down…

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