Print / Design Posts of the Week 10

Energizer Monday edition.

Usually, I like to put up cool links to the best print design stuff around the web on Fridays, but a bleary Monday morning seems like as good a time as any for it. At your desk? On your sixth cup of coffee? Sit back, relax, and get inspired by some of the best of print/design from around the web:

Hotcards & the Beanstalk – new print ad from one of in-house designers, Glen Infante. So preeeeetty! And it proves that you don't need tons of $$$$$ to have beautiful print collateral.

If you're a fan of the epic web of blogs run by ImJustCreative, check out TypePosters72, where typography nerds can regularly ogle new poster designs built around type.

Stuart's Critical Printing Blog – Faculty member of the Leeds College of Art applies critical thinking to print media. Don't be dissuaded by the unfortunately tiny and oddly formatted images on the front page. Click on the full blog posts to get a good look. Well worth it!

Artist/writer/creator Rivkah has begun writing and art-ing on LiveJournal about printing, promising of series of 20 posts including very lovely comic panels about our favorite subject. So far, SO good! Scroll to the bottom of the post for the comic.

Head on over to GoogleBooks to take a look at Elizabeth L. Eisenstein's book, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change. For hardcore printing fans only, but a great read on the connection between printing, politics, human thought, and revolution.

If Eisenstein's text is a little dry for you, visit Metalmother for a fresh, funny, easy-to-enjoy wedding invitation that puts all other wedding invitations that came before it to shame!

Hopefully the above blend of inspired typography and heavy reading is just what you need to get your week off to a great start! And if you have any favorite links to post, put 'em in the comments! Happy creating, readers!

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