Artwork and Design Inspired By LeBron James

Stay inspired, Cleveland!

Sunday night was rough. As I hope you all know, Hotcards is based in Cleveland. We're also hardcore fans of the Cavaliers. And after Friday's insane win, we were feeling pretty hyped. Then came Game 3. There's nothing harder than watching your team fail to do what you know they can do.

That being said, I'm not one of those who believes that after the third game in a series, it's all over but the cryin.' LeBron James' massive 3-pointer at the end of Game 2 proved that anything is possible, and moreover, it got me thinking about what an incredibly iconic, inspirational figure James has become in just a few short years.

Not only can LeBron James be found on magazine covers, in ad campaigns, and on apparel printing, but somehow, a lot of the print advertising surrounding him ends up being as gigantic in size as its subject.

A perfect example of this is a side project one of the designers at Hotcards is working on—a campaign to raise money for a giant billboard in downtown Cleveland, asking LeBron to stay with the Cavaliers once his contract is up.

With today's signing of a 15% ownership contract of the Cavaliers by Chinese investors, the prospects, and the billboard, for keeping LeBron around is becoming more and more of a reality. Translation: anything can happen!

And in honor of that sentiment, and for your enjoyment and inspiration, I've put together some of the best to be found in print designed around LeBron James. Enjoy. Go Cavs!

To begin, the still-controversial Vogue cover:


A little something from the billboard campaign:


A couple of album covers:



A few examples from the massive collection of Nike/LeBron print design:




Original artwork:


Some big campaigns you might recognize:



And last but not least, Etch-A-Sketch:

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Design 26.05.2009

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