Print / Design Posts of the Week 9

The Easter Bunny goes down the rabbit hole.

It's been a while since my last 'best of.' What can I say? Things have been busy around here. But with this gorgeous long weekend shimmering all around us so pleasingly, I figured it was high time to hook y'all up once again with some of the best in print on the web.

The theme this week is…thought-provoking…

Begin the egg-hunt with a journey into the post-apocalyptic future through The Architect's Brother, the work of photo-artists Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. The images are the story of a solitary man trying to fix the world after it has ended. The subject matter is fantastic, but the environmental message is all too grounded in reality.

Treehugger just published their first annual Best of Green…well, pretty much everything. They've got sections for science, culture, celebrity and design. The design section is unfortunately low on reference to print or even graphic design, but all the imagery and ideas presented are inspiring nonetheless.

Watch Polish newspaper designer Jacek Utko talk about his work redesigning news publications. Not only is his work awesome, he's got some great, moral-boosting things to say about the potential for good design to save the newspaper industry.

Few print projects are more fun than designing wine bottle labels. Here's a collection of 60 or so of the wildest from the delightfully print-interested WebUrbanist.

How deep down the rabbit hole can you go? How about a list of print design inspiration from around the web that includes a link to a list of inspiring free design magazines, which in turn probably include lists of still most sources for design inspiration, and so on, and so forth, possibly into infinity.

The history of postcard printing is a colorful one, studded with political intrigue, revolutionary design, and of course, plenty of sex. Discover it for yourself here.

A blank piece of paper is the realm of endless possibility, as these five designers, who specialize in turning paper into sculpture, prove with their out-of-this-world concepts and brilliant craftsmanship.

The News in Print completes our adventure for this week, with a look back at some of the original office printers, and the ads used to sell their huge, unwieldy ginormousness. These were desktop printers in the sense that, yes, you could use them as a desk.

Happy Easter! I hope this basket of Wonderland goodies tides you over until life begins again on Tuesday!

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