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This week: Glen Infante!

Browsing around Inkd the other day, I couldn't help but notice that they've got some great space for designers to share details about themselves, and I thought, why don't we do this on

Because you knew we had an awesome design team, right? The question is, who ARE the lovely people who create your business cards, brochures, posters, and album artwork?

First up on our list is Glen Infante. Glen has been with Hotcards since 2006. His graphic design style is diverse, but pay particular attention to the stuff he does on CD inserts and event flyers. If there's something cool happening in Cleveland's music scene, look for Glen's work there.

His portfolio website is here. “I post all my worthy artwork there weekly,” Glen says, “(well, I try to at least).”

Glen's talents also flow into his support for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Check out for the story of how Glen is using print design to send Lebron James a message from his fans in Cleveland:

“It's basically a Lebron fan blog, but it's really more than just that. It's a site that is dedicated to trying to persuade Lebron James to stay in Cleveland after his contract is up. I'm trying to collect enough money from Cavs fans around the world to purchase a billboard in the middle of downtown Cleveland for Lebron James to see. It will display a heartfelt message to him publicly by the fans, asking him to stay home.” – Glen Infante

You can also find Glen at “It's basically an online community of Cavs fans and Cleveland sports fans,” he says. “It acts as a blog within the index, displaying the latest news on the Cleveland Cavaliers, but within is a community with over 5000 members discussing and sharing ideas about their favorite teams in the NBA. It's probably one of the top websites out there for Cleveland Cavaliers information.”

Nice links, Glen! Check 'em out, folks, and hopefully we'll have some other feature posts on the nice people around Hotcards up soon.

One of the coolest things about graphic design is that it's always about something more than itself. At Hotcards, we do print and graphic design, but we're also all about music, sports, fashion, politics, and the environment. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us better!

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