Inkd – A Place For Print Design

Print designers – check this out!

Inkd is a new online marketplace geared specifically towards print designers and businesses seeking print design.

For designers, Inkd is a great, FREE forum in which to display and sell their wares, much like, the company itself says, Etsy. For businesses, it's the place to go when you don't have the time or the budget for developing your own unique print designs or hiring a design team.

Inkd screens submissions in order to ensure quality. The pricing is very competitive, and for businesses and creatives alike, the opportunity to build positive, long-term relationships is all over the place.

Could this be a better idea? Seriously? Not only does Inkd bring the print design community together online, it gives all those businesses out there who do their solutions researching online a place to actually get print design, not just non-specialized graphic designers.

Often, when looking for a print designer online, businesses will get connected with graphic designers who really concentrate on web stuff, but are quick to say "sure, I can do print." For a long time, the web marketplace has been dominated by these designers. Thanks to Inkd, however, designers trained and specializing in print now have a place to connect and compete.


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