Print Design Posts of the Week 7

Less gloom, more pretty colors.

Last week was pretty grim, so this week I put together a list of links that focus more on how awesome the print and design industry is. It's spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing (maybe not in Cleveland, but somewhere). Enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend, folks!


Dan Woellert over at Kodak's Build Your Biz blog weighs in on the importance of innovation in the print industry, using an interesting metaphor.

A disgruntled journalist shares his Google Reader links to content from all over the web talking about the death of the newspaper, and the fight to save journalism. Very cool stuff.

The stimulus plan now has a logo, so that we all know when we're being stimulated. If anyone knows that value of a good logo, it's our well-designed President.

How does that old Beatles song go? "All you need is typography! All you need is typography! All you need is type-type-type-type is all you need!" To make beautiful art, that is.

Ad Age discusses the decline of direct mail, and fails to say anything particularly penetrating. But if you're obsessed over the question of digital-vs-offset, the article contains a few interesting tidbits.

Does Printing Exist as an Industry? Print CEO Blog asks if a community of Xerox salesmen, paper mills, commercial offset printers, and letterpress artistes can possibly be considered a single industry, and the community responds. What's your opinion?

Jarr Geerligs lives in Amsterdam. Everyday, he takes pictures of posters he sees on the streets. He's been doing it since 2002, and his entire collection is up on flickr. What a way to waste a Friday afternoon, or, if your boss catches you, what a way to get your creative juices flowing by checking out the recent history of Dutch advertising art.

Is a shadow worth a thousand words? You decide while browsing through this shadow photography gallery put together by Smashing Magazine. For some reason, this stuff gives me the shivers.

Booooooom compiles a great list of the best design, inspiration, and generally cool creative websites you've never heard of. This list holds a special place in my heart because I sure wish the Hotcards blog was on it!

This mixtape cover art gallery is the perfect place to nestle in if you're idea of a good time is hip hop + graphic design. A lot of this album artwork never even gets printed, so this is where to find out about the designers, and music, you didn't even know you were missing.


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