Print Design Posts of the Week 3

Inaugural printing, old stuff, etc.

We've got a good collection of links this week. Don't forget to submit anything interesting, informative, or surprising that you'd like to see on this list!

Print in the Communication Ecology is a great blog by print expert Michael Josefowicz a.k.a. dr. droock. The good doctor writes eloquently on the future and history of the printing industry, and he's even talking about how Print is the Next Big Thing – kinda like Don't Stop the Presses.

The Beauty of Urban Decay on Smashing Magazine is a gorgeous collection of textures and design inspiration that would bring color and pathos to any print design plan.

Vintage Record Labels. It's funny. We talk about mixtape cover design and album art, and lament the death of vinyl and the loss of large-format album cover art, but how often do we think about the label printing that used to adorn records? Gorgeous stuff.

The magazine-style websites of magazines. Bringing elements of print design to the web still manages to keep things fresh and easy to look at, and is not always a bad idea.

OMG Posters is a cool blog about – you guessed it! – posters. Most entries are about good-looking modern art and design prints, and where you can make them yours.

Big collection of cool print ads, some you'll have seen before, some are new, all are pleasingly clever.

Image history of U.S. Presidents in honor of Inauguration Week. Here are some images that have help to define the history of our country. Cool campaign poster printing from the likes of Lincoln and Garfield also included.

The new White House website. Change has come. Because you know Barack Obama has to have a cool website.

Olympic poster printing on permanent exhibit online. Olympic advertising art through the years. See how the design behind sporting event advertising has changed over time.

Movie posters, rethought by graphic designer Olly Moss. Dark. Minimal. Cool.

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