Print Design Posts of the Week 2

Cool stuff.

This week, we're sharing awesome links to poster printing, design tutorials, socially-conscious advertising, and some things that just look crazy. Enjoy!

Osocio Ad Blog tracks socially aware and non-profit advertising campaigns going on around the world. Print, video, and arguments about advertising with seriously opinionated people. Who could ask for more?

The Simpsons Poster Design Contest. They've been around for 20 years, and to celebrate, they're asking folks to design a poster for their Fall 2009 marketing campaign. The winner also gets a sweet trip to L.A. Not clear if they will be choosing something dumb or actually well-designed. Get those entries in, experts!

Thank God You're A Man. Poster printing for bar bathrooms advertising Goldstar Beer. I'm assuming they didn't run a similar campaign in women's washrooms…

R.I.P. Pierre Mendell. A brilliant artist and graphic designer, despite being paralyzed, he didn't go before designing his own obituary art.

New Grammy print ads. Very cool series of posters created using wild amounts of color, typography, and the faces of rock stars. Is this a sign that the Grammy's clawing their way back from stodgy to relevant?

War movie poster design tutorial. Y'know, for all those times you get a call out of nowhere to design a war movie poster, and the deadline is yesterday.

Apparel Printing and Design Toolbox. Bazillions of links and info on everything you ever needed to know about T-shirt design. Templates, tutorials, free art, where to submit, where to print, you want it, they got it here.

Holy Taco – not print designers, per se, but they are funny. Check out their take on what movie posters would look like if they told us what movies were REALLY about.

Green Patriot Posters – an organization that works with designers to develop print that speaks out about climate change. They're currently (I think) working with Cleveland lad Michael Bierut to design ads for 70 city buses in Cleveland. The bus sign printing focuses on the goodness of public transportation, and the value of green jobs. Keep your eyes peeled for these!

Where electronics go to die. In Guiyu, China, the world's electronic waste is disassembled into tiny parts by little old grandmas. The waters run black with pollution, and everybody's got lead poisoning. It's not eye candy, exactly, but glimpsing the unimaginable is always fuel for the creative impulse.

I Love PIA/GATF. A decidedly offbeat printing video from the good folks over at the Printing Industry Association. Say it with me: I LOVE PIA/GATF!

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