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Every week, I do my best to read everything published anywhere online about printing and print design. A lot of stuff doesn't make it onto the blog however, and some of it's pretty interesting. So to help get you through those last few hours of the workweek, I'm going to start posting them here on Fridays. Enjoy!

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Defamer's Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2008. I don't know about their assertion that they went through hundreds of pieces of print collateral to come up with this list of ten poster printing hits and misses, but the copy, as always, is a fun read.

Toxel Does Billboard Advertising. Admittedly, a lot of the cool billboards out there right now are not so much great examples of print design as great examples of marketers gluing cars and other giant objects to walls, but there is a cool jumbo-sized printing element involved.

Holiday Ads From Weird Resources. Okay, so this wasn't posted in the last week, but it's a fun look at Christmas print ads that will either make you go, "ooo, how clever," or "OMG how many products can you possibly mash together into the shape of a Christmas tree?"

Spinner's 25 Best Band Logos. I never really think of bands as having logos, but of course they need something consistent and iconic to put on all their poster, sticker, and apparel printing. This list is a great example of how logo design is more about random moments of genius than any scientific approach, no matter how many tutorials are written on the subject.

Specky boy brings us a big, scary collection of photoshopped self-portraits. Artists are so freakin' weird.

Excellent and extensive archive of book cover design. Browse by publisher, author, designer, you name it.

Abduzeedo picks design trends for 2009 and begs the question: should we follow trends to please clients, or strive for innovation in everything that we do?

MyInkBlog posted a series recently on great flier design. Check out the posts on hip hop, reggae, rock, and techno – a super awesome look at trends in flier printing and design coming from the music scene.

Check in next Friday for another list, and feel free to send me links of great print design that you find around the web!

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