Five Beautiful, Functional Calendar Print Designs

Yes, we're still printing calendars.

What makes a great print calendar? It's different for every individual. For some, calendars are something that grandmas use to remember when to take their ear medicine. For others, having a calendar that suits our needs perfectly is deeply, well-nigh-on cosmically important.

For me, a successful calendar must have three well-designed features:

  • Space: enough to write notes in, while acknowledging that my day planner can do most of the heavy lifting.
  • Visual appeal: It's part of my environment, so my calendar has to be pleasing to the eye, and ideally, bring something fresh with every fresh month.
  • Functionality: I've seen designers do a lot of really cool, strange things with calendars, but if it gets too complicated, you've lost me.

Here, for your organizational pleasure, are five beautiful, functional printed calendar designs that will keep you smiling on-schedule, all year round…


The color/weather-based calendar by Jonathan Davies. Not only is it a gorgeous concept, it's a great promotion for the designer.


What I like about it: It puts me in tune with the flow of seasons, and offers a colorful slate on which to scribble.


Dave Seah's Compact Calendar is a necessary additional to any best-of printed calendars list.

David Seah - Compact Calendar

What I like about it:What I like about it: Seah thinks about the best way to organize time, and offers it as a free download. Also, he calls it the 'candy bar o' time,' which is just plain sweet.


Once More Around the Sun by interaction designer Bradford Paley. Another free download – though good things have been said about buying the print.


What I like about it: No pretty pictures on this one, but as you fill in the details of your life, patterns begin to emerge and potential conflicts stand out. You need to put some effort into this one, but the results are worthwhile.


Flip Book Student Calendar by Tomato Kosir. More like a booklet than a conventional printed calendar, but in the printing world, booklets, magazines, and calendars are all part of the same family.


What I like about it: Again, this is a calendar that offers a consistent visual reminder of the passage of time and seasons, while keeping the overall design esthetic very simple and functional.

5. Design Calendar by the Hotcards design team. Don't let the shameless plug take away from the good ideas ensconced herein.


What I like about it: The 18-month calendar showcases a new print design each month, including the programs used to create them, and an explanation of the design esthetic by designers Glen Infante and Carlos Garcia. A great print promotion for Hotcards, and a useful catalogue for potential clients.

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