Converse Celebrates 100 Years With Iconic Ads

Check out these gigantic print ads!

Over the last month, Converse launched a massive print campaign with collateral throughout 75 countries worldwide. The campaign is part of the company's centennial celebration, which is, apparently, being celebrated on a massive scale.

Although the campaign is following print, outdoor, and online streams, the truly notable examples are thusfar gigantic billboards featuring counter-culture icons from the worlds of music and sports. The black and white images of twelve individual superstars, dead and alive, sporting the classic Chuck Taylor, are spread out across the giant canvases. Each icon is connected by his or her shoe to their neighbor, demonstrating that all kinds of edgy celebrities from all walks of life have worn Converse runners.

Converse Connectivity Ad

The print campaign, developed byAnomaly NYC, is called “Connectivity.” It is designed to celebrate the impact of Converse over the last 100 years. Reps from both Anomaly and Converse have been quoted as saying that the ads are a salute to counterculture and to all those who have walked their Converse sneakers down a road less traveled.

However, the campaign doesn't take the universality of its message for granted. Different icons are featured in different countries depending on nationality.

The campaign is pretty great to look at, but to be honest, I can't remember the last time Converse were considered part of the counterculture. Then again, these days, what is? In an ad where guys like Sid Vicious and Hunter S. Thompson stand shoulder to should with Billie Joe Armstrong and Dwayne Wade, the message is clear: counterculture IS mainstream culture. Individuality is a necessary criteria for being part of the herd.

In fact, a lot of the time, the more underground something is, the more potential it has as a marketing tool. That right there is the beauty of advertising.

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Ad image taken from uncle.o.'s Flickr account.


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