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A roundup of some eye candy.

It will come as no surprise to this blog's many avid readers that I am something of a poster nut. To me, posters are the ultimate intersection of fine art and advertising. The low cost of poster printing allows anybody who loves art to have great pieces in their 'collection' without the often inaccessible expense that comes along with buying original artwork.

If you love posters as much as I do, you'll love these sites, each of which boasts a great collection of poster artwork of all styles:

The Internet Movie Poster Awards is probably the best place online wherein to browse through movie posters. Every year, they nominate and select the best, worst, most hilarious, and most interesting posters for showcasing. They won me over by having awards that honor the best funny and serious movie poster taglines. And what puts this site over the top? It's a great place to discuss movie poster design in context. Every poster has its own thread, dedicated not to the movie, but to the poster design.

Urban Art Warfare is generally an amazing site about street art and art activism, but I fell in love with them for their series, begun in mid-December 2007, on gigposters. The weekly posts usually have a theme or focus on a particular designer, and are a fantastic look at what is going on right now in rock poster design. Most of the posters are, I believe, found on, but these little compilations, done by the guys over at Halftone Def Studios, are much better than scanning through an ecommerce-ish site. Hope they keep it up!

Advice to Sink in Slowly is a poster shop showcasing the work of graduates from University College Falmouth. The hook? All the posters are uniquely illustrated pieces of advice, geared towards young designers. The art is great, the advice is funny and touching, and the site itself isn't hard to look at. Enjoy!

Stenfan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Posters is an extensive collection of a fascinating segment of both poster art and political propaganda. I can't read the words on the posters, but the posters themselves are highly readable. Look through them for a history lesson or for design inspiration.

Do you have a favorite spot online to go and ogle poster print design? If so, link it up in the comments section!

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