Celebrity Christmas Card Designs

Diamonds might be forever, but they're not exactly clever card design.

Elizabeth Taylor's 2007 greeting card design:

A Liz Taylor Christmas

Famous people have long Christmas card lists. I'd guess that many celebrities send out a few thousands cards during the holiday season. And with a sleighload like that to contend with, you're not gonna use…ugh…desktop publishing to design and print your cards, right?

Big celebrities must use professional greeting card printing services, and probably cool card designers, too. Or, at least, that's what I imagine I would do if I was a movie star-cum-California governor.

In reality, the celebrity greeting cards I've seen this season have been exercises in hackneyed themes and cheeseball design. Check out the full glamour shots here.

Maybe I'm being too hard on our beloved celebrities, but in the end, isn't the true spirit of Christmas all about fresh, tasteful design choices? Correct me if I'm wrong.


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