What Word Best Described Your 2017?

New Years A large, colorful mural of Steve Jobs’ head adorns the main wall here at Hotcards. To clients, it’s a cool image that depicts our innovation. To us, it’s a reminder to never settle in life — to do what you love, and to love what you do, every day. As Jobs said, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.”

Those are inspiring words. At Hotcards, what we love is helping others achieve what they never dreamed possible — to empower you to “become known” in creative, effective ways. Sure, we sell printing and promotional items, but those products are actually byproducts of something greater — the passionate pursuits of small-business owners, musicians, politicians, artists and many others.

Each pursuit is sparked by passion and energy, guided by spirit and goals. Hotcards is the fuel.

During this holiday week, it’s a great time to refuel, and to shine a much-needed spotlight on family, friends and faith. It’s an appropriate time to pause and reflect on the year. Will you join us?

Before things get crazier this week and the crystal ball drops and champagne pours and board games come out and Mariah Carey starts doing crazy Mariah Carey things, we invite you to think back on this year: What sticks out the most? What images pop into your head? What moments and stories mattered to you professionally or personally?

If you can boil down 2017 to a single word, what would it be? Please use the comments field to share your word, and a description of why you chose it.

 We’ll be back weekly in 2018 to share our insight, tips, humor, perspective and passions. More importantly, we wish you good tidings, an extremely warm blanket (if you live in the single-digit temperate zone of Cleveland) and a blessed rest of the year.

Cheers to our shared future!

Printing 27.12.2017

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