Promo Products: Items Are Not Ideas

PPAI Expo 2018
Promo Products: Items Are Not Ideas

One of our team members flew to Las Vegas last week to attend the PPAI Expo, the largest promotional products show in the country. The point was to return with gobs and gobs of poker money. It was also to bring back new promotional ideas, useful tips and cool product trends that can help your team grow. (OK, we’re still jetlagged. We reversed the priority.)

It’s a safe bet that Hotcards is ridiculously excited about now offering promotional products and apparel online. Already, these items are helping our clients in three main ways — they’re the same benefits your team can expect:

  1. Boosting brand exposure and helping organizations Become Known™ (logoed items handed out or tied to events)
  2. Recognizing and motivating employees (items tied to reward/incentive programs that boost engagement and morale)
  3. Thanking customers for their business (items mailed or presented to show gratitude)

We returned from Vegas with clarity, which isn’t always the case. If you glance again at those three areas of value, none of them begin with a product itself. So much attention in the promotional products industry is spent on products — which ones are available and where to buy them. On both of those fronts, options are numerous. You need a computer and a keyword.

But your organization, brand, customers, employees, reputation, open house, product launch, trade show booth, tagline — they’re all more important than that. The reality of the promotional world — and the exciting opportunity for your organization — is that items are not ideas. Of course you have a computer and a keyword. You also should have a creative concept and a business goal.

Every great project that includes a promotional item involves a deeper layer of truth. A logoed golf shirt can be more than just logoed golf shirt; it can be an important part of your supplier recognition efforts. A logoed stress ball can be more than just a logoed stress ball; it can be a way to spotlight your personality or go after new business from a competitor that might be causing the prospect anxiety. The items themselves are not ideas.

But you have ideas, and so do we. Let’s get together. Let’s talk about ways we can take your brand to the next level with promotional marketing and advertising, branded merchandise, recognition awards and more. Together, let’s open people’s eyes before they think about opening their wallets. Let’s use promotional products and apparel as tools to achieve something beyond the items themselves.

Printing 22.01.2018

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