How do we act when no one is looking?



How Do We Act When No One is Looking?


Picture the bed where you sleep. Imagine it messy — the covers in a big clump, the sheets everywhere, nothing tucked in. If someone walked into the room, he or she would immediately notice your bed wasn’t made.


Now image it with all four corners tucked in, the pillows arranged perfectly on top, nothing out of place.


No one would notice your bed at all.


In the same way, customers don’t notice when problems are staved off, or when a company’s culture is working well behind the scenes. We’re all quick, though, to notice when customer service goes awry. Lack of culture sticks out like a sore thumb.


We point to this truth at Hotcards, and we encourage organizations that rely on us for print, marketing and promotional materials to embody the same truth: Culture is how people behave when no one is looking.


We believe a zillion small things lead to the big picture of customer satisfaction. That’s why all Hotcards employees embrace a book called “Hotcards Core Behaviors.” You can’t work here and not know what a co-worker means when he or she reminds you to “get comfortable living in the gray” (deal with the present and move forward, because life isn’t black-or-white) or to “create unforgettable experiences” (be neurotic about every customer touchpoint).


Our philosophy is to build a brand that people want to do business with even before they know what we do. We are helping people and organizations Become Known™. We’re helping the neighbor down the street who genuinely wants to improve his city win his first election, and then his 10th. We’re giving the handyman the ability to finally say, ‘I’m an entrepreneur, and here’s my new business card.”


Culture is how people behave when no one is looking.


Hotcards handles tens of thousands of orders annually, and one of them is among our favorites. One evening, we missed the UPS deadline for a big order that was to be delivered the next day to 33 locations across Ohio and Michigan. A Hotcards employee rented a van and dropped off every package himself before 5 p.m. the next day, then slept in the van before driving back to Cleveland — 661 miles driven, 33 delivery stops, 14 hours … and 1 client for life. Zero people told the employee to rent the van, zero people were with him during the night.


In the “Hotcards Core Behaviors” book, Behavior #1 is “Smiling is a rule.” We believe that, despite what society might say, work should be fun. We just have to make that choice. Smiling, positivity, cheer, inspiration, motivation, humor and kindness is required at Hotcards.


Those smiles, that humor, this positivity … our culture manifests itself only when put into action. So for our customer friends out there, please know that your order is the most important thing we will work on today. We don’t tolerate doing anything that prevents you from having a great experience in every way, shape and form.


We want our bed to be made, day in and day out, anytime you call or go to our website.


Overlooking an Empty bedOverlooking an Empty bed

Printing 02.02.2018

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