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Get Elected with Effective Political Print Ads

Effective Election Printing

Ever since you were crushing the 3rd grade competition running for class president, political campaigning has probably been important to you. Whether you have maintained a career in politics, or just get a kick out of analyzing the election materials that come your way, all that political printing circulating around you does not go unnoticed.

In a world overrun with emails and web-based advertising, your election pleas could easily go unseen if you stick to online strategies alone. With the majority of households reporting they read, or at least scan, direct-mail ads, sending your political print ads via direct mail is a solid strategy. In addition to mailing your print ads, business cards and signage are also popular ways to get your name and message across. Try using any of these materials:

  • Political postcards
  • Political signs such as rally signs
  • Political door hangers
  • Political flyers
  • Political brochures
  • Political banners

Get all of your beliefs in front of the audience you’re trying to reach. Think your political print ads won’t resonate with a younger audience? According to Forbes, the majority of 18-34-year-olds actually prefer direct mail. That is a big chunk of voters!

Now that you have seen the light and are ready to attract voters with your phenomenal direct mail political printing idea, you’ll need a plan.

Set a goal. This should be easy: get elected. Or get a bill to pass. Whatever the purpose of sending out these print materials is, don’t lose sight of it.

Know your audience. Do your research. We already know that the 18-34 age bracket likes direct mail, but what’s the planned outreach for your campaign? Who do you want receiving your print materials?

Figure out the nitty gritty. Plan out the time frame, budget and type of political printing you want to mail. The time frame should of course match up with the election. Make sure a budget for print materials is built into your overall campaign plan. Choose from the variety of materials that are available to be distributed – brochures, postcards, flyers, etc.

Tell your audience exactly what to do. After a long day of work we come home and dutifully sift through our mail. If you want to get any of us to act on something, you need to make it easy. Your print materials should have a clear message that defines who you are and what you believe. Spell out the call-to-action you desire: go vote, visit my website to learn more, etc.

Hotcards local printing services will be happy to help you come up with a plan of action for your political print ads. Whether it’s for direct mail or banners and brochures for an event, we’ve got the political printing you need. Not in the Cleveland area? Our easy-to-use site will let you design your own materials or work with one of our designers no matter where you’re located. Good luck on Election Day!


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