Eco-friendly Direct Mail Printing

As the printing industry increasingly pushes into environmentally conscious territory, a glaring issue remains in how to tackle direct mail printing.

A study fostered by UK firm CC Fat Map appears to provide the answers – as they polled a demographically representative number of UK citizens on the matter. It seems that 46% of respondents are of the mind that unpersonalized printed matter such as leaflets, coupons and samples are egregious affronts to the environment, compared to 20% of respondents taking a similarly dim view of personalized direct mail.

Direct Mail Printing

It also appears that people are likely to perceive shoddily printed black & white brochures, leaflets, and flyers as 'junk' as opposed to well-designed, professional full color printing.

So, essentially, if an advertiser puts forth the effort to design a nice full color piece and has it sorted, addressed and targeted by direct-mail specialists, it runs a far lesser risk of being perceived as 'junk' which is gratuitously harmful to the environment…

Perhaps a notice on the piece that illuminates people as to your company's green policies or a note that the piece was printed by a green printer could alleviate people's concerns right from the start.

 Direct Mail Flyers


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