A Mug Is Not Just a Mug

As a marketing pro, you’re responsible for raising eyebrows and response rates — impressing both your clients with ideas, and your boss with results. To that end, you need promotional items that make sense, and also lead to dollars and cents.

With the right approach and strategy, promo items can help boost your brand as well your revenue.

The first thing you should know: Don’t let your head go in circles like a child’s fidget spinner. Don’t begin with the truth that you have tens of thousands of product options. That’s like looking at the night sky and soaking in every constellation. Might be fun, but let’s begin with one — one North Star brand concept you need the product to convey.

Let’s say you manage the marketing team at a regional bank, and you have an upcoming open house to celebrate a new location. Your company’s logo can appear on practically anything, so the event’s promotional success isn’t about pricing out different mugs, banners, hats and stress balls. It’s about using those kinds of products creatively to drive your strategy.

In that sense, promo products are about ideas, not items. Items are nice to know about, but a client’s neurons are more important:

  • Can you tie in the event’s theme with the products you choose?
  • Can your company motto play a role?
  • How can you encourage the recipient to keep the product instead of just tossing it?
  • How can you help to create an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer?
  • How can you mix the product with printed pieces for maximum effect?

Those are just some of the idea-generating questions Hotcards can help you answer.

A hat is not just a hat. A mug is not just a mug. A pen is not just a pen. They are representations of your brand, and entry points for telling your story. They are small but significant ways to help you “become known,” a phrase that lies at the heart of everything we do.

Your brand is too important to leave to a product-peddler. We are in business is to improve yours — start a conversation with one of our Customer Obsession Team members, or check out the bevy (we really wanted to use that word today!) of promotional items on our site.

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Printing 18.12.2017

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