Printing for Enviro-Conscious Events

Strategies for leaving a light advertising footprint

On my way to acquiring my morning coffee today, I came across an interesting poster. In fact, I came across it several times, on every telephone pole lining my street. The poster advertises a series of events protesting the logging of old-growth forests. At Hotcards, we're extremely aware of the problem of old-growth logging, which is why we use only paper that has been milled from trees grown on a tree farm. However, the unfortunate truth is that not all printers are committed to using only farmed trees.

As I looked at these posters, I began to wonder, doesn't printing hundreds or thousands of giant, full color posters kind of defeat the purpose for which the poster was printed, that is, to fight against cutting trees down?

This might seem like a crazy thing for a printer to point out. After all, I depend on your interest in full color printing for my proverbial bread and butter. In saying this, then, I am kind of like the anti-logging protestor, using poster printing to promote my cause. So what do I and the posterer have in common? We both understand that printing is often a necessity of life. The internet is a great way to share information, but when you want to put the word out on the street, printing up signs and posters and banners is the only way to go.

The only way to go, ALMOST. The standard unit for event promotion and awareness raising is the poster. This means that full color printing which ventures outside of this standard unit in size and design has the potential to garner more notice and interest in the crush of print advertising that the average consumer is exposed to on the street.

If green advertising solutions are your concern, you may want to consider something SMALL for your next green event promotion campaign. There is a huge array of small printed items to choose, from palm cards all the way to greeting cards, all of which consume little paper, but can make a huge impact.

Benefits of printing smaller items than posters for event promotion include reduced expense, the potential to create truly bold full color printing designs, and the fact that it offers your audience a reminder that they can carry with them anywhere. When I see an event on a poster that interests me, I'll vaguely register the date and time, but odds are, I will forget it as soon as the poster is out of sight, and regret my bad memory once it's too late to attend. Small printed items are extremely easy to pick up and carry with you, as opposed to, say, ripping a poster off a signboard because you don't want to forget to go to Critical Mass AGAIN this month.

For some great ideas on how to use small printing in green event promotion, check out this week's Design Idea of the Week, here.


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