Print Advertising on Video

Make a powerful visual statement, again and again.

The future of advertising may be online, but that doesn't mean the end for print advertising. In fact, it just means that print campaigns will be able to reach that many more viewers!

It's unfortunate that some forms of print media have suffered due to the advent of, most recently, online advertising. Print advertising designers have also felt the shift as more money has gone into advertising online and smaller percentages of ad budgets have been allocated to advertising in newspapers and magazines.

Poster, flyer, brochure, banner, and postcard printing – just a few of our specialties here at Hotcards – have, fortunately, experienced no such slippage. In fact, video advertising just added to print advertising's visibility. Today, a print design is seen not only in the locations where it is placed for promotional purposes, it's also reproduced over and over again in video – if advertisers know what they're doing, that is!

Recently, I've been amazed and pleased to see how often blankets, nay, oceans of printing in support of election campaigns and union concerns are finding their way onto video, growing the ROI of that promotion manyfold.

A recent video – the first released by the Clinton campaign – gives prominence of place to images of her campaign signs, and supporters sporting her buttons and stickers. Obviously, her media team knows that the best way to demonstrate support for their candidate in a few seconds of airtime is to show the crowds waving their signs proudly in the air.

Another great example of print advertising working on video is the John Edwards clip showing the candidate marching with Congress Hotel strikers in Chicago. Again we see the signs and posters hefted over heads in waves. This investment in printing not only raised awareness and support on that day, but continues to do its job every time the video is viewed, which so far, has been thousands and thousands of times.

These are just a few examples of the fact that the best prop to have in a video is print advertising in the hands of supporters. That sea, that galaxy of print collateral, becomes a single, powerful visual statement that can be absorbed instantly by people in demographics that might not otherwise have been reached.

By using the major strengths of print advertising in TV and internet advertising, these video-based mediums benefit in two distinct ways:

Print design is, in essence, the art of making powerful, impactful visual statements that can be instantly absorbed. By making print materials a key element of video advertising, this power can be put to use in yet another medium where a lot has to be said in a short amount of time.

The other great strength of print materials is the ability to connect with people in the community and in their homes, on a personal level. By showing this connectivity in video advertising (i.e. showing people waving signs and banners, or reading brochures and postcards), it is possible to bring the benefits of print advertising to video that may otherwise be too impersonal.

So has TV and online advertising hurt the printing industry? Not from where I'm standing. Our industry just needs to learn to adapt, and to use these video mediums as a way to offer print advertising customers access to an even greater range of value for their money. Print posters, print brochures, print postcards, print anything you like, and then double your advertising value by using your print designs as the center of a TV or internet campaign!


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