The Brochure Given Out by Ebola

Every company has to have a brochure. Yet, Ebola isn't really up to speed yet with "his" brochure because, well, his fame came suddenly this time around and he just wasn't prepared.

Be Prepared with Marketing Materials

When you land yourself on worldwide television nightly, as Ebola has, be prepared before it happens. Nothing is worse than having your name and information given out all day long on every television station in the world, day after day, and not having a single piece of positive marketing material ready. Ebola is that victim, as the media caught him with his pants down. The best exposure anyone can ever dream of getting and Ebola had zip, nada, not a thing to hand out. How to stop Ebola is a mystery! Why? Because Ebola doesn't have a brochure, that's why. It has been weeks and still, Ebola doesn't have a brochure! So, even with the best coverage the world can give him, he still is not up to speed with his marketing material.

Brochure Printing and 23-Hour Turn-Around

Soon the world's best physicians and scientists will gather to try to figure out how to handle this virus. We can only hope that Ebola gives us a call to do his brochure before that happens. We can do a full color brochure with numerous folding options. Maybe he would want something in a glossy color to really offset his work. We can do matte coated, also, so, no worries. But time is running out for Ebola and he needs to give us a call. We can do a 23-hour turnaround, if he has his art ready and knows what he wants to put in the brochure. The clock is ticking, though.

A List of Your Products or Services

A brochure is very handy for your customers. It lists all of your services and gives what benefits a potential customer will receive from those services. Your customer can pop it in their shopping bag and take it home with them in order give it to a friend or to cherish it always. They are like a very large business card that spells out all that you do and what you charge. It does all of this in a very pretty way, or in Ebola's case, not so pretty. However, Ebola has yet to call to order his brochure and other marketing materials, so it is a bit of a non-issue. At this point, our staff is whispering they are happy he hasn't dropped in personally.

Your Brochure and Marketing Materials will be happy to put together the whole package for you of business cards, letterhead, flyers along with your brochure. It is everything you need to startup your business. Use our website to put in your order or just give us a call. If you know Ebola, let him know we can do this for him, also, with a 23-hour turn around, but tell him just use the website and not stop by the office. For some reason, our staff is not anxious to meet this guy.


Ebola Brochure

Printing 20.11.2014

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