Calendar Ideas to Print for Your Hilarious Free Calendars

Of course, you want your giveaway calendar that you print to be way cooler than that other guy's. You know that guy. He's that guy that is always kissing up to the boss and gets the great sales bonuses because of it. Yeah, “that guy.” It is time to totally outdo that guy with spectacular free calendars that feature your name and phone number for your clients. You don't have to buy a lame stock calendar. Print a cool calendar. Give them away for free. Bury “that guy” in sales this year.

The Calendar from Hell

Okay, maybe not a calendar from Hell, exactly, more like graveyard. How about your free calendars featuring zombies this year? Every month features a zombie in a new and interesting pose in print. February is a month for Valentines and zombies like to hook up, too! Pose your zombies proposing marriage or loving a tasty bite of human flesh with hearts all around. A possible feature for May is a pin-up zombie in a sexy little number because of the warmer weather. Who doesn't love zombies? Everyone love zombies! When your clients' friends see your print calendar, they'll want one also. So, now your contact information is in your clients' friend's hands, too! And in the hands of the friends of their friends!

Calendar of The Armadillo's Hunt

The crafty armadillo, yeah, is the animal no human ever seems to be able to catch. He simply must have his own hunting calendar. Put into print armadillos posing with a backyard full of holes or holding a human by the ankle as the human screams and tries to get away. For August, print an armadillo laughing hysterically as a human tippy-toes around the yard with a rifle looking for him. Think Wil E. Coyote. This is a sure winner in the southern states for free calendars.

Garbage Men in Print

What client wouldn't love their very own Garbage Men of the Month in print? What a page turner! Of course, November being the month of Thanksgiving would have to feature little turkeys on his boxers while he hangs spread eagle from the back of his garbage collection truck. January being one of the coldest months would certainly feature our favorite guy posing buck naked in a fur coat that he clearly found in someone's can at the curb. The ladies will be begging you for more free calendars to pass along to their friends.

Free Calendars of Holy Bacon

Become everyone's hero by giving free calendars this year featuring everyone's sacred food: BACON. Have November feature a bacon wrapped turkey. For June feature a gal in a bacon bikini at the beach! In December you simply must have a bacon Santa. Under a bacon tree, have a load of packages of bacon for presents! Don't forget the bacon bows, now! Even the vegetarians will beg for more free calendars for their friends.

How to Get Your Calendar in Print

Yeah, it is definitely time to beat “that guy” at his own game. Print your calendar now for the 2015 year. Get a head start on handing out your free calendars and will do them up right for you. The look on that guy's face when you get the big bonus will be priceless. Yeah, totally priceless, it doesn't even need bacon. Wait! Everything needs bacon!



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