Types of Designers to Avoid

There are innumerable reasons for not hiring a particular designer, but these we can reduce to warning bells which can typically warn an employer (or contract employer) that a particular designer will be more trouble than he, or she is worth. LUCKILY, Hotcards doesn't have any of these types of designers, which means you're pretty much assured an awesome experience if you hire us to handle your next design project! (Shameless plug 😉

The Deity – designers of this type simply can't do any wrong. Everything that they do is like manna from heaven, regardless of what your impression of it is. Arrogant doesn't quite cut it, as that's a personality flaw that can be overcome if there's adequate talent on display.This is more akin to a kind of deluded arrogance that is inexplicable. Certainly not someone who you'd like to collaborate with given a choice.

The Safe-player – These are designers who don't stand out much. They have basic skills and usually produce okay work, but they're not likely to engage in much risk-taking. Clients often avoid hiring such designers because they'd rather hire a designer who has the ability to produce something we haven't seen before.

The Perfectionist – Perfectionist designers tend toward being obsessive about their work. And while this can be an admirable quality in a designer, it can prove to be a challenge in working with them. They sometimes ignore instructions and prefer to do things according to what their will tells them to do, and their flawless style can also lead them to believe that they're superior to other designers. Worst of all, they have a hard time ever finishing a project, because it's never perfect!

The Turtle – designers of this type are generally nervous wrecks who envision negative feedback from clients before they've even presented. Designers like this completely lack confidence in their abilities, and as a result, frequently hide underneath their shells, like turtles. Their lack of self-esteem deters employees from hiring them.

The Hoarder – This type of designer collects multiple projects at the same time. They forget to set priorities and often have many work-related, freelance and personal projects at the same time. These designers have no balance and need to work on their time management. They tend to deliver projects late and the quality of their work is often dubious due to their lack of focus.

The Copycat – A designer of this type tends to surf the net for inspiration. Everything that he or she does marks the stamp of looking brutally familiar. Perhaps not all lifted per se, but at least heavily borrowed. You want to avoid such designers as complete originality is not in their bag of tricks.

The Pretentious – Designers of this type are show-offs. They love bragging about skills that they don't actually possess, but they can "talk the talk" and "dress the part" even if they can't produce high quality work. People often avoid working with this type of designer because they're essentially poseurs.

The Slug – These designers are the "lazy" type. They tend to get very sluggish, and this is the main reason why their projects are often delayed. The opposite of a "flash" designer who breezes through projects without missing deadlines or even finishing ahead of time. Being a slug isn't so bad as long as good work is ultimately produced, but clients often avoid this type simply because of their inability to meet deadlines and their tendency to waste money.

The Soloist – Designers of this type are lousy collaborators, although working on a collaborative project. They generally see their own work as being superior to that of other designers, and they usually don't listen to feedback. Instead of attracting clients, they tend to drive them further away.

The Flash – A designer of this type is a fast worker. They deliver projects quickly, often ahead of deadlines and present to clients on time. Although being a fast worker is generally a plus, clients often avoid hiring them because in their rush to completion, they often produce substandard work.


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