Buffoonish Design Mistakes.

I've gotta be honest, nowhere that I've ever worked would be capable of putting out something this immensely ridiculous. The people are too smart. Too many people eyeball everything before it makes it out the door. And again, people are too smart. But Luckily, the world is populated by people who care so little about their work – that their work makes great fodder for my blog posts! So there's plenty of work out there to laugh at.

Pepsi doesn't seem like a company floating in incompetence, but someone had to be sniffing glue when they ok'd this layout. Can't say that people being taken aback by the gratuitous word "rape" necessarily surprises me, even if it is technically an "a".

Pepsi Ad

What's actually missing in this ad? Well, the art directors IQ for one thing.


The family that hangs together, dies together. Reassuring imagery at a place that's devoted to healing people.

Hang together

Pepsi again. This time revealing a hatred for punctuation. Tasteless sugar, that's a new one.

Pepsi ad 2

This one pretty much makes the only argument you'd ever need for keeping art directors away from the crack pipe. I suppose that there's an attempt at a semi-joke in there, but really, the jokes on whoever designed this. Who says that Millenials are illiterate?

Wander Ad

And really, this is a word salad that would be at home in an Arby's.You can only hope that someone got fired for this monstrosity.

Xbox ad

This one's kind of luck. Who knew that the distortive effects on the words would be so unfortunate?

suit yourself ad

Someone with eyes could have helped here though.

Birdy two mouths

Poor fools probably had to put a word on the can, lest anyone mistake it for a beer. College administrators are really sillyheads enough to overlook this.


Poolife. Get it? Pool Life? Talk about being too danged clever by half!



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