Funny Greeting Cards

I’ll admit right off the bat that I didn’t get the humor in all of these, but I’ll assume that’s a function of my abysmal and rapidly degrading cultural literacy. I’m concerned for the current generation of young adults (which I could be classified under), as I think that social media and smart phones have degraded their brain stems. But anyway, back to the topic, which is the often very funny and always attempting to be so “Dear Blank” greeting cards created by Lisa Krowinski. She works for a letterpress print shop in Pittsburgh that specializes in stationary, invitations, announcements – all letterpress. Her designs are driven by typography and are generally intended to be humorous, which they are, more often than not. Enjoy! (oh, and by the way, you can print your own greeting cards at Hotcards!)

Printing 24.06.2014

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