Myths About Green Printing

1. Green printing is a lot more expensive. It has been more expensive to print green in the past, but this isn't necessarily the case any longer. Prices for green printing have been continually going down, and have become somewhat competitive with means of traditional printing.

2. Recycled paper results in lower quality. Another myth that may have been true years ago but isn't the case anymore. These days, a high-quality recycled paper is virtually indistinguishable from paper fresh out of the mill. And customers are always noting this, so it's not like I'm blowing smoke here. But don't take our word for this, ask us for some recycled paper samples!

3. All recycled papers are the same. The fact of the matter is that recycled paper can be composed of varying degrees of post consumer waste content. Post-consumer waste is what most of us would consider to be "recycled," as it denotes paper that has been disposed of in a recycling bin. But, such is not always the case with the paper used in recycled paper.

4. Going green means not printing at all. Sure, there are instances when not printing is the wiser choice. Most people would rather have their primary photo album on their computer, for instance (although, photo books, photo mugs and photo greeting cards are da bomb!). But there are also times when printed material is very necessary. For instance, a business card seems a mandatory implement for people with jobs. And you're not likely to show up at a trade show without a full complement of banners and brochures, either. On occasions like this, green printing seems like a no-brainer proposition.

5. Green printers are all the same. Hmm… would you say that there's a difference between a printer who only pulls out recycled paper upon request and one who uses it as their house stock? How about one whose green printing practices have been verified by third party audits as opposed to one that hasn't? Those are some of the ways that green printers can be considerably different. Not all are fully walking the walk, so to speak. We are certified at Hotcards and all of our house stocks contain post-consumer waste. It's just good business to be green!

Printing 20.06.2014

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