Corporate Logo Changes For 2014, Part 2

We really left the most exciting changes for last. Just kidding.

University of Illinois. The fighting Illini. A program which shows its face in the Rose Bowl every 50 years or so, has eliminated its own state from its logo and gone for a classic block "I". Not exactly original in the world of college athletics, but it does look classier. And who knows? Perhaps a winning season is in the offing.

 Illinois Logo

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have themselves a sporty new logo. Well, not new exactly so much as a new illustration. But it's pretty dang good. Greg Schiano may have gotten the old heave-ho, but the 'eers are heading into the future with a snazzy and simplified logo.

 Tampa Bay Logo

Reebok had kind of a dumb-looking logo to begin with, so the fact they've modernized and simplified things a bit would normally be an improvement. But the fact that a shoe and sportswear manufacturer's logo now looks like that of a generic tech company isn't going to fire many imaginations. And come to think of it, there are tech companies with more interesting, more imaginative logos.

Reebok Logo

Next up, Fandango I'll have to admit that I've NEVER even heard of this company. Evidently they have something to do with movie tickets, so I'm basically admitting to being an insular dweeb. But still, never heard of it. But anyway, their old logo featured an "F" which kind of looked like a movie ticket. The new one doesn't, nor does it look like its trying too hard, either. Still not a terribly attractive logo, but it is an improvement.

 Fandango Logo

Oxford Dictionaries got themselves a logo overhaul. The former one was pretty generic type of the words, while the new one is a more modern typeface and additionally a symbol. Big improvement, really, though who even knew that something like a dictionary company needed a logo? I suppose that they do, but I can't imagine them going through the process of changing it.

Oxford Logo

Morton Salt has an updated logo. In fact, you could say that the changes are so minuscule that you almost have to wonder why they bothered at all. I mean, really, looking at the two of them at the same time its like there's barely any difference. The "R" in Morton's is now curved anyway.

Morton Salt Logo

Visa now simply spells out its name, whereas previously it spelled out its name and had a gold flourish on the "v." Hopefully they didn't pay a corporate identity firm a six-figure sum to come up with this dinky, inconsequential change. I mean, really, its hard to imagine what symbolic importance the flourish had, so I'm not gonna think less of them for losing it. In fact, I can honestly say that I never even noticed it.

Visa Logo

And, finally, Netflix has got a new logo. I like it. Its basically the name, as it was before, but now it's very simple and doesn't give off a corporation vibe. Seeing as it is an actual corporation, my statement doesn't make whole lot of sense, I grant you, but the internet is a humungous place, and you're free to find a place to post different opinions.

Netflix Logo


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