Corporate Logo Changes For 2014, Part 1

As always, there are a gaggle of companies who felt the urgent need to make their logos fit into what they perceive to be the current landscape, if you will. Some are stunning improvements, while others fall under the category of no one cares but the company itself.  But nothing scares the bejesus out of businesses like change does, so I suppose that they all should be applauded for putting on their big boy pants and doing a little bit of it.

Olive Garden made a drastic change to their logo. Can't say that it's a bad thing as their old one seemed like the kind of craptastic fake sign that you'd pick up for $4.99 in the bargain bin at a Marshalls. Their new one isn't exactly a textbook display of design prowess, but is simple and basic. If only Olive Garden could similarly tweak their menu and add a heaping helping of culinary competence.

 Olive Garden Logo

Bacardi's former logo featured a stylized big creepy bat, and their new one features a smaller, more life-like creepy bat in a slightly old school package. All in all, a pretty big improvement, assuming that you don't have any particular aversion to life-like bats. But really, any step away from stylized graphic logos has to be a big improvement.

Bacardi Logo

Pay pal's got a new logo. The new one is keeping up with design trends I guess, but I can't really say that their old one was out of date or that the new one brings anything new to the table. I suppose that the overlapping P's emphasize a human connection, but that strikes me as almost tangential for a faceless internet money transfer company. It probably makes them feel better about how they see themselves though.

PayPal Logo

Black & Decker made subtle changes to their logo. Forsaking the previous orange and white one for an all-orange variation and engaging in the uber trendy design motif of swapping out the ampersand for a "+". Simple, but at least it'll look classy for five years or so until it looks tiresome. Trends are funny that way.

Black + Decker Logo

Next is Lipton Tea which basically rearranged the same deck chairs by centering the logo inside of a lemon and eliminating the previous "sunshine" caused by the lemon. Really, a case of why even bother. And as business insider pointed out, it pretty much looks like a dead ringer for Lay's Potato Chips logo now. And really, could there be a more disgusting sounding combo than tea and chips? Perhaps not in England anyway.

Lipton Logo

And Cadillac got rid of the tacky wreath that previously surrounded the crest. Kind of a subtle change as the crest generally remains the same, but it is an aesthetic improvement. And you can only imagine the sleepless nights that Cadillac execs in HQ had over even a negligible change like that.

 Cadillac Logo

And finally, there's Florida State University, which, on the crest of their national Championship in football appears to have basically redrawn their logo. And really, I absolutely hate it when college sports teams screw with their logos basically for the sake of merchandising, so I'm happy for FSU that their modifications were so modest. Not the jackassery which usually accustoms such changes. But anyway, that's it for today. Tomorrow will see the second half of the year's big changes in logos.

Florida State logo


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