Gripes About Snipes

This one’s a bit short, but there’s plenty of piss and vinegar in it. I’m sure that things are similar in the burgeoning metropolis that houses this company, but I really have to take a moment to gripe about the gratuitous blight on humanity that is snipes in my home of New York City.

Companies pay a kings ransom to idiot teenagers and slacking collegians to befoul every last inch of open space with concert promotions, corporate promotions and every last asinine thing that is printed and strikes someone’s fancy. Advertising on the cheap.Cheap ploys to catch people’s attention, really, when push comes to shove, it’s not unlike someone lighting themselves on fire and then reciting the Declaration of Independence. Pointless.

And really, it’s not like they’re are artistically-noted, well thought out pieces for the most part. If I can make up a new phrase, they are generally information vomit. There’s a good reason why the likes of old-timey Guinness Beer signs contue to hold some sort of value. Is it really so hard for people to attain similar grade shchool type artistry?

Even a country like France – which has notoriously awful and pointless advertising – has a penchant for making posters which aren’t eyesores. Perhaps we should pat them on the head and give them a biscuit. Or at least take notes, as similar advertising here has the look of a last minute, throwaway thought, or, more likely, a brain dead edict courtesy of a client who really doesn’t give a crap.

Seriously, at a time when advertising is quite literally inescapable in one’s day to day life, would it be so hard to hold out some sort of aesthetic standards when assaulting the living crap out of every building that’s getting worked on, Street sign, mail box and garbage can with assorted corporate crap?

That’s ok. I already know the answer to that question.Guinness Printing

Guinness Printing Again


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