Printing Commemorative Tickets

A great promotional tool for any type of event.

Summer's on its way, which means festival season, tons of concerts, sporting events, and huge parties/productions. People are also traveling, and spending money on tourist destinations. All of which have one thing in common: ticket buying.

We might be on the way to a future of digital tickets handled exclusively by our cell phones, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop thinking about ticket print design. In fact, as if in reaction to the digital trend, some organizers are taking ticket design to the next level with special runs of commemorative ticket printing.

This summer, for example, Lollapalooza introduced a collectible 3D festival pass. The beautifully designed tickets were produced to act “as a token of your kick-a#% Lolla weekend,” and were printed in a limited edition run that sold out almost instantly.

Any event coordinator or producer can build the hype for an event by designing and printing high-quality event tickets and selling them as an advanced promotion. These special tickets act as a fan's first peek at the design aesthetic behind an event, and printing a limited edition run can work to speed and increase early-bird sales, which is always a good thing.

While beautiful festival tickets aren't unusual, it's not as common to offer similarly commemorative tickets for sporting, charity, and performance-oriented events. But with paper souvenirs of our experiences being replaced by emails and PDFs, the trend is not to stop designing tickets, but to step up the ticket design process, offering attendees full color, two-sided tickets that they can use to remember their experiences.

Commemorative ticket printing is also incorporating, as did Lollapalooza, elements like 3D, foil stamping, letterpress, embossing, and even augmented reality features.

As the souvenir ticket printing trend grows, it could prove to be another example of tactile technologies which are being embraced over digital alternatives thanks to their physical appeal. So next time your thinking about special event ticket printing, consider designing something truly unique. Much like event posters, commemorative tickets could become mementos that are framed and hung on walls, preserving memories and serving as a great promotional tool.

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