Positively Print: The Print Campaign to End All Print Campaigns!

Or, er, to kickstart a new era of print campaigns, as it were…

What's so great about print advertising? If you had to explain printing's role in the publishing, advertising, news, and events worlds to, say, someone from another planet, what would you say?

That's the question the bigwigs over at (deep breath) The Printing Council, Printing Industries of America, The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, and the National Association for Print Leadership are asking.

All these elaborately-acronym-ed print associations have come together to host Positively Print, a contest/campaign “designed to promote the power of print in the media mix.”

Positively Print asks companies involved in print production (printers, designers, marketers, creatives of all types!) to create and finance a campaign that promotes the awesomeness of print as an essential element in any advertising campaign. Positively Print is looking for “generic advocacy of print as a communications medium,” however, entries can be part of a branded promotional campaign.

Entries are also welcome across all forms of media. In other words, you're not required to use print in order to promote print. That being said, the tone of the program literature definitely oozes a 'but it would be nice if you did' kinda vibe.

So what's so great about print?

The unique and versatile design space of a brochure or a billboard?

The variety of collateral formats, from postcards to vehicle wraps?

Its ability to occupy almost any space – from a pocket to a skyline?

Its function, in ticket, invitation, or poster form, as a precious keepsake?

The tactile aesthetic appeal of en embossed business card or greeting card printed on textured paper?

Its visually stunning force at rallies and political events?

The inimitable way it serves to anchor a cross-media campaign with outdoor or direct mail contact points?

The list could go on, yeah? And it has, right here on the Hotcards blog, where for years beyond number now we've been chronicling the living history of print – its thrills and chills, its epic fails and glory moments. Of course, our readership is hardly that of an industry superpower, but anyone who took the time to look back through our archives would find an engaged and thoughtful chronicle of where print has been, and where it's going. Doesn't sound like a bad bit of advocacy to me.

So what do you think? Should we enter the Hotcards blog in the Positively Print program?

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