Friday Print/Design Roundup – March 26, 2010

Posters! Poetry! iPads?

It's Friday! Here's a roundup of some of the week's best, worst, and wackiest print and print design news from around the web!

Check out the always lovable Print Magazine for a rundown of the 50 Best Color Sites For Designers. Sure, y feature the usual old saws like ColourLovers and Adobe Kuler, but then things get weird…

Ryan over at M-Bossed talks the problem with variable data printing, and offers some thoughts on bringing this weak technology into the future, which, seriously, folks, is where we're living.

Beyond talented artist, designer, illustrator, comic nerd Neill Cameron will blow your mind with his A to Z of Awesomeness – an action hero typography of 26 poster-worthy letters complete with fabulous illustrations. H is for Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half!

MSNBC hostess with the mostest Rachel Maddow took out a full-page ad in today's Boston Globe to put to rest rumors that she'll be running for office in 2012. The unembellished print ad is simply a letter from Maddow, proving both that newscasters believe in the power of print, and that a print message can be powerful without being overdesigned.

This week, the business and financial news circuit were quick to ask the question: can the iPad save print advertising? and even quicker to offer an incontrovertible refutation. To which I'm forced to respond – what the heck does the iPad have to do with print, anyway? Sorry folks, but a “print ad” displayed in digital space is what we call a “digital ad.” The end.

A beautiful series of prints, inspired by Places I Have Never Been from JHillDesign.

April is National Poetry Month, and in honor of this most solemn, auspicious, delicious, pernicious occasion, designed a gorgeous poster that they're giving away for free! Get 'em while they're hot!

The Printers' Charitable Corporation has changed its name to The Printing Charity. In other news, apparently there is a charity for printers. Has it really come to this?

Have a great weekend, gang!

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