Saints Super Bowl Win Good News for Printers

Sorry, Colts fans! Try to understand!

Every year, all across the country, printers watch the Super Bowl with bated breath. Because we love football, but also because the results of these championship games have a huge impact on who's printing what Monday morning.

Competition for printing Super Bowl t-shirts, banners, posters, and other paraphernalia is fierce, but the work is anything but guaranteed. Normally, different printers are contacted to produce victory collateral for the champions, depending on who wins. Because shipping of the collateral is so time-sensitive, printers are normally slatted for every region, and the ones printing – in this case, since New Orleans won – Saints gear, are not necessarily the same print providers who would be working their butts off right now if the Colts had won.

Besides memorabilia, there's also contracts to print hot market items – decorations that need to be printed with the proper logos and colors immediately after the Super Bowl, so that the host city can set up for parties.

If a printer's 'team' wins, that can mean opening up shop in the middle of the night and getting to work, bringing on a crew of temporary extra staff members, and getting everything ready to ship – all at a speed that is faster than truly humanly possible. But during a recession when huge contracts are few and far between, printers are drooling over this intense work!

Of course, there are always those merchandisers who roll the dice on Super Bowl winners, printing apparel and other collateral ahead of time. Luckily, printers don't take the hit if the printing work they do turns out to be for the losing side. The investor still has to pay up, and can return the merch to the printer to be destroyed, or donate it to charities, which will ship the garments overseas.

Interesting to imagine that somewhere, on the other side of the globe, unaware denizens of some third world country are sporting Colts 2010 Champions apparel.

That being said, this year was all about the Saints from the start, even in Indianapolis. According to one Indiana apparel printer, pre-orders for Champion Saints tees and posters were nearly quadruple that of Colts merch orders. Nothing like a 40-year drought to bring out the memorabilia-lover in all of us. And that means a good day for printers all over the country.

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