The Care and Feeding of Your Small Commercial Printer

A Happy New Year of Desktop Publishing

Congratulations! You got a printer for Christmas! But the holidays have been busy, and maybe you haven't even taken your printer out of the box yet. If you're one of these people (according to Twitter, there are over 7 billion of you!), you better hope that printer box had some air holes!

Thanks to the recession, many Americans who had desktop printing technology on their wish list received small commercial printers for Christmas. Don't be nervous! These printers are really easy to look after! They don't eat much, or take up a lot of space on your desktop. Just follow a few simple rules, and your new small commercial printer will take care of all your desktop publishing needs for years to come!

Connect Your Printer With Your Computer

Your printer's pretty handy with a computer, so forget about networking bugs. Sit back and relax as your new printer interfaces seamlessly with your laptops and desktop PCs. It's true! Your small commercial printer will be able to access all your household computers, smartphones, and cameras with virtually no baffling networking errors!

Keep Your Printer Supplied With Rootbeer

The best small commercial printers function optimally on a rootbeer-rich diet. Keep your printer supplied with rootbeer, and hardware and software issues will become a thing of the past. Your printer knows everything there is to know about prepress, printmaking, and even die-cutting and folding, so you'll never find yourself stymied by error messages again. If your printer is performing sluggishly or seems reluctant to respond to commands, try upping his or her rootbeer intake.

Keep the CMKY Flowing

Your new small commercial printer will never make you feel like you're doing all the work, but he can't do everything himself! Respond to your printer's requests for fresh ink in a prompt fashion, and you'll never be disappointed by the full color results! If purchasing ink seems like a hassle, simply provide your printer with your credit card number. Don't be nervous! You'll find his billing practices to be prompt and exacting.

Listen To Your Printer

A healthy, content printer will make a soft humming noise while he works, akin to the purr of a cat. However, if your printer is insufficiently fed or cared for, he may begin to make grumbling, clanking noises while at work. Several strategies can be used to return your printer to optimal health:


  • First, try making the switch to natural, soy or vegetable based inks and recycled paper. This will create a safer, healthier work environment for your printer, which will, in turn, improve mood and productivity.
  • If greening your workspace doesn't help, consider consulting your printer on graphic design issues. Your printer comes fully equipped with tools to aid in font selection, color management, and formatting, and may react in a dissatisfied manner if these features aren't used properly.
  • Never Get Your Printer Wet

    While printers love a day off here and there, they hate baths, walks in the rain, and afternoons in the pool. If you do accidently get your printer wet, apologize profusely and don't ask her to work again until she has been thoroughly sun-dried.

    Finally, and most importantly…

    Never, EVER Feed Your Printer After Midnight. This is the ultimate feed error and may result in fatal systems failure. Or gremlins.

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