The Gift of Printing, Part 2

Unique holiday goodies at your printer's!

Today, our printing gift list continues with some of the most one-of-a-kind gifts money can buy, at prices that fit a recession-conscious holiday season.


Graphic Design

Whether it's a wedding invitation or a business card, everybody needs print design services at some point, and a gift certificate for graphic design work might be the most unique gift of all. Even better, it's one of those gifts that you actually get to do something fun with after the holidays, and that's the best kind of gift to receive.


Hang Tags

For the crafty soul. We all know someone who makes everything from clothes and purses, to salsa and fudge. Personalized hang tags can be used to attach a stylish signature to all those homemade items. Whether your loved one sells their work at craft markets or gives everything away as gifts, printing hang tags lets them attach their name, and a unique flair, to their work.


CD and DVD Covers

These are another great gift for the artist in the house. Who's working on a CD, an indie film project, or even a piece of open-source software? Maybe they'd never have the funds to package their work in a glossy casing, but offering CD or DVD cover printing as a gift could help turn a hobby into a career, or take professional dreams to the next level.


Business cards

There are few people who wouldn't love a fresh stack of business cards. Newly-launched entrepreneurs love them. Professionals who haven't updated their cards in years need them. Those who already have cards might need something different for a personal project. And even people on your list with no interest in business will be charmed by personalized calling cards or stat cards to share with friends.


For Business Owners

Most of these suggestions are geared towards friends and family who may not normally use printing services, or print design. For all those who are business owners, on the other hand, the options are endless. Peek around the business. Are new brochures in order? Perhaps a local promotion like postcard mailers or door hangers? Sometimes, small business owners are too busy to plan promotions for themselves. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

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