This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Printing

A truly unique offering.

The last few weeks of pre-Christmas craziness are upon us. And at this time of year, we often ask ourselves: what do I get for someone who has everything?

Ever considered printing?

It might sound like an unusual gift, but that's exactly what makes it so special. Here's a list of ten great printing gifts you can get for that hard-to-please loved one this holiday season:


A vehicle wrap

A colorful, removable, vinyl cover for your car or truck isn't just a great business ad. Kids wanting to bring some personality to that 'gently used' first car love vehicle wraps because they can be printed with the patterns or images of their choice. And when trends or interests change, the vinyl coating can be removed as easily as a sticker.



Kids love stickers. So do all of us who are young at heart. You might not want to give 1000 as a gift, but have sticker printing done, and cover all your stocking stuffers in one fell swoop.


Greeting Cards

Every family has an event planner, or, at the very least, a wedding in the works. While you'd have to be a psychic to design greeting card printing for someone, ask your printer about gift certificates for a given quantity of cards. You can offer your design services after the fact.


Comp Cards

Gift-hunting for an aspiring actor or model? A comp card is an essential tool for self-promotion, but many struggling performers get stuck in the position of needing comp card printing to advance their careers, but not being able to afford the printing without any jobs. Glossy comp cards aren't just a thoughtful gift, they're an investment in your loved one's future.



Who doesn't have a friend or relative in a band? A cool band poster, designed with space to write in event dates so that it's flexible and reusable, can be an invaluable promotional tool, and a truly unique gift. Imagine, concert poster printing that didn't come from the office copier. 'Tis the season!

Stay tuned for 1 – 5!

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