Platemaking from the Fringe

Print as sculpture; sculpture in print.

Today I was prowling around on Printeresting, one of my favorite blogs about all things weird and wonderful pertaining to print, and they got me on to the work of Handsome Boy Printing Club, the work of two German sculptors who ask the question: “How would that print?”

Patrick Wagner and Samuel Seger use and abuse steel and zinc plates in ways you've never imagined in the search for unique and unusual prints. Check out this video to watch them shoot, drown, crush, poison, tool, and even drag plates behind their car:

Of course, at Hotcards, we have machines that do this for us, but I'll admit the results of our platemaking process are neither as unique, nor as interesting to watch as those of the Handsome Boy Printing Club.

It's particularly fun and fascinating to contemplate the knowledge of the printing process possessed by these artists, which led them to attempt these experiments. The results, available on the Handsome Boy website, are cool to look at in equal proportion to your knowledge of the more esoteric sides of the printing art.

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