The 10 Biggest No-Nos Committed by Printing Blogs Part 2

6 – 10 on the business blog burn chart.

Yesterday, I listed 1 to 5 of the worst mistakes a printer can make when running a blog. Today, we travel even deeper into that terrifying world of ambivalence and confusion, staring with…


Ugly blog. Sad but rampant throughout the print industry are blogs so poorly designed they look like they were actually set up before the web 1.0 bubble burst. We're part of the advertising world, printers, let's act like it!


Feeling the need to post your entire business philosophy in every blog. This is a major Twitter no-no as well. Readers are not looking to constantly be told who you are, what you do, and what great quality and prices you bring to the table. This does not a regular readership build in the blogosphere.


Breaking the bank on a blog post. Typical rookie mistake. A lot of printers start out all excited about their new blog, and invest a ton of time and money on doing something worth writing about, taking nice pictures of it, and putting together a gorgeous post. This is wonderful, but guess what, you're not going to do it every day. A good blog has to be sustainable.


Writing like it's a college essay. Long paragraphs, too much text, and terms like “in summation,” and “I have clearly shown,” will turn off all but the most determined readers. This is one of those mistakes that instantly puts visitors on to the business-y-ness of a blog. Not friendly. Unfortunately, this style is rampant throughout print blogging.


Repeating content. I'm a writer, so words are pretty important to me, but you can't look at every blog post like a priceless jewel that should be submitted to article sites and distributed as a press release and reproduced in your newsletter and left on the front page of your site for a month because it's so brilliant. That's not how blogging works. Everything's gotta be fresh and new. Unfortunately, the many printers who don't get this are hurting themselves by reproducing their content all over the internet.

Of course, with this scathing critique out there for all to see, I have to admit that neither my printing blog, nor that of Poor Richard, sees a great ranking on Google. Rather, we languish in internet obscurity while the blogs described in my list rank great for terms like “printing blog,” “printer blog,” and “blog about printing.”

So who knows, maybe uncertain printers just starting a blog should employ some of the “SEO techniques” I've just discussed. It could help your ranking. On the other hand, you have to ask yourself: will visiting your blog make anyone want to use your services?

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