Running A Bad Printing Blog

10 Mega-Mistakes Most Printers Make

I was just reading a recent post over at Poor Richard's Printshop. Richard was lamenting the fact that the marketing people representing the franchise he's a part of were kind of putting the kibosh on his un/official blog about the day-to-day goings-on at his business.

Admittedly, Poor Richard spends a lot of time poking fun at typical print customers. Apparently, some people got offended. So what we have here is a classic case of the perils of running a business blog.

All of a sudden, if you're a printer, you're supposed to have a blog. We've been doing it here at for a while, so we're kind of experts. But for the newbie, the instant fear is this: how do I run a blog that doesn't offend ANYONE?

Folks, it's almost impossible.

Unfortunately, the result of this fear is an ever-increasing army of printing blogs that are so boring and poorly executed, they will bring you to tears. Poor Richard's blog, indelicate as it may be, does exactly what a blog is supposed to do – it's interesting and it provides actual insights, not just bland platitudes.

So what makes a good blog post? I will now demonstrate one way a business can go about writing a blog that is both interesting and relatively non-offending. I'll do this by listing the 10 Biggest No-Nos Committed by Printing Blogs (Without Actually Naming Names)!


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