Print Industry Mind Map

Courtesy of M-Bossed

I'm not sure what the ratios on this blog are in terms of industry types vs. print buying types. I'm guessing three print buyers and two industry people?


But seriously, if any of you do come from other areas of the printing industry, you should check out a cool project being put together by Ryan McAbee over at M-Bossed. Ryan's working on putting together a list of all the information on printing available online, using this really cool collaborative mapping tool: mindmeister.

Any print industry enthusiast can get on the mind map and add their favorite printing news and information resources. I just added the Hotcards blog, now you add your own gems.

If you're anything like me, you've probably got a list of dozens, if not hundreds, of printing blogs and resources bookmarked in your web browser – am I right? Of course I am! So start adding.

An important part of the future of printing is the coming together of industry people. This map should go a long way towards letting folks know what's out there, and how they can get connected.

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