Union Printing at Put People First

Pics from the march and the rally.

Over the weekend, I happened to find myself in a London hotly anticipating the meeting of the G20 that took place this week. While the midweek protests turned angry and violent, the march and rally I attended on Saturday (March 28th) were very peaceful and positive.

The event, called Put People First, was organized by London trade unions looking to encourage the G20 to focus on “Jobs, Justice, and Climate.” The result was the coming together of a ton of different unions with an amazing variety of agendas – all on display through colorful, plentiful union printing.

Signs and banners covered everything from environmental issues, to poverty, to the plight of third world nations, and anger at banks over the recession. Here are some shots of the union printing on display last Saturday in London:

35, 000 people, mostly union members, marched to Marble Arch.




As with any good rally, handmade signs mixed with the official union print materials.


Here's the best handmade sign I saw:


The effort, and expense, that unions put into all the printing that helps to define an event like this is often overlooked. But rallies, protests, marches and strikes wouldn't have the visual impact they do without all that print work, which is handed out for free at the beginning of the day by volunteers.

I was proud to be able to tell Londoners I spoke to that day that I worked for a union print shop in the U.S. And it was amazing to see the variety of people and causes united by the event. I didn't meet any other union printers, but their presence was felt, and seen, all along the parade route, and at the rally in Hyde Park.

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