CMYK Set to Drop One Color

Byebye magenta!

It's no secret that the printing industry is being hit hard by this recession. Commercial printers are losing huge contracts, print advertising budgets are being cut to shreds, and newspapers and catalogues that have been around for hundreds of years are going online.

But we printers are a feisty bunch. And the optimists among us have been saying that when the going gets tough, the tough find innovative solutions. Streamlined processes, new technologies, and corner-cutting strategies have all been introduced to help our industry weather this recession. And finally, the International Cabal of Concerned Commercial Offset Printers has come up with the ultimate solution.

As a decisive cost-cutting measure, magenta will no longer be included in full color CMYK printing. Or, as it's now known, CYK printing. This means that full color printing will no longer include reds, purples, pinks, or various shades of brown.

After long debate, the ICCCOP made the choice to eliminate magenta because in these stressful times, there's little place in print design for such a threatening color. Warnings, going-out-of-business signage, and red alert notifications are all printed using magenta, and extensive market research has shown that these, in turn, can lead to elevated blood pressure, risk of seizure, and in some cases, death.

While this new initiative is already sweeping across Asia and Europe, Hotcards is proud to be one of the first full color union printers in North America to fully eliminate magenta. Our signature red and black logo will soon become teal and black, and our slogan will be changing from “The lowest cost full color printer in the nation,” to “The lowest cost full color (excluding magenta) printer in the nation.”

Hotcards is proud to be a part of this new initiative, as it's also a move being hailed by eco-conscious printers as a step in the right direction towards cutting printing's environmental footprint. “We've moved to earth-friendly inks and color-reduced printing,” says a rep from the ICCCOP, “but we knew that in the end, the only thing that would make a significant difference would be dropping four-color printing down to three-color printing. The recession has created the impetus, but this move has been a long time in coming.”

Magenta will be held over until after the Easter holiday in order to accommodate the seasonal love of pink print collateral, but starting at the end of April, say goodbye to magenta and it's many (generally alarming) hues.

Perhaps after the recession, if there is a significant outcry from fans of the once-beloved 'M,' we will consider reinstating magenta. Until then, goodbye old friend! And don't worry, print buyers, we're confident that you'll barely notice the absence. It's not like we're getting rid of cyan!

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