Print Design Posts of the Week 5

Print Design Posts of the Week 5

We like the funny stuff.

Enjoy the best links about printing from around the internets this week!

Beast Pieces – a gorgeous letterpress blog by Studio on Fire, showcases recent examples of their work. As far as printing blogs go, this puppy is updated with, let's say, shocking regularity.

This week's most hilarious video from The Onion gives a nod to print advertising. Maybe it's not flattering, but you know what they say about the truth, and about publicity.

Keep up the laughing with this spoof ad mocking the New York Times. “Literally, hundreds of thousands of sections, all in one newspaper.”

A new site showcasing awesome feats of business card printing. And you can submit yours. And they'll show it off for you. If you're lucky.

A new look for Tropicana packaging. Check out the comments for the enraged responses of some designers. (Oh, and be careful, the new lid may be NSFW.)

Movie poster design from around the world is analyzed by the funny folks over at Cracked. The posters are wacky, and the commentary, which attempts to delve into the psyche of the print design team, is even funnier.

Keep Calm and Carry On – 2 ? million of these posters were printed by the British government on the eve of the Second World War to help keep Britons calm. They were never distributed, but years later, they've become one printer's best seller.

An extensive look at what's up in the Dutch design scene. They don't just design landmasses. They whip out some truly impressive print pieces.

Graphic Fetish is just a really nice design inspiration blog.

If you love Helvetica, like I love Helvetica, then this was the can't miss link o' the week.

Have a great weekend!

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