Union Printing Takes to the Streets in Paris

They've even got balloons!

You've got to hand it to those Parisian unions. They know how to throw a protest. Yesterday, eight of France's largest trade unions organized a massive event of work stoppage and picketing in the streets in protest of the French government's handling of the economic crisis.

As images of the protest pour in, it's clear that the union printing of signs and banners was full force. Looks like people all over the world don't approve of the idea of banks getting billions in bailout money from the government. Quelle suprise, as the French say.



One French union rep called it the largest demonstration France had seen in twenty years, with an estimated 2.5 million people demonstrating throughout the country. I don't need to tell you, that is a LOT of union printing.

As in French union protests that we've seen in the past, images show a conspicuous contrast between the slick, organized printing of protest signage brought out by the unions, and the homemade posters, banners, and even masks and puppetry of the non-union workers that came out in support of the cause.

One of the printing standouts yesterday were hundreds of giant-sized balloons, bearing the names, slogans, and colors of the eight unions that organized the day of action. All the well-orchestrated union printing was extremely effective in not only making a statement that was visible around the world, but in signifying the integrity of the protest.


Being a member of a union is like being part of a team. And that makes union printing just as important as the uniforms worn by teams, and the other collateral designed to represent the team members. Bold, effective printing that makes an impact supports the team, or union, and it makes members feel positive and powerful, like they're part of a force that can create change and make a difference.


Certainly, French workers have proven themselves the agents of major change in the past, thanks to the energy of unions.

The power of union printing was definitely on display in Paris yesterday. It will be interesting to see if the unions of other economically depressed nations respond in kind.

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