The Glamorous World of Full Color Printing

And another guest post from yours truly on!

A big part of what we do at Hotcards is sell printing that's a cut above the average offering of low-cost printers. Our prices might make you think we print on thin paper with dull inks, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Again and again, we've had customers amazed by the quality of the work they receive from us. Brilliant full color on high quality paper, finished with a durable, eye-catching high gloss – it's perfect for everything from event invites and club cards, to concert posters and CD inserts.

And that's just our printing. Our amazing design team really brings the full color to full color printing, with print designs that get to the heart of what our customers are looking for.

Don't get scared, I'm not just bragging for the sake of bragging. I do have a point. Businesses, event coordinators, and other professionals that come to Hotcards for printing are looking for one thing: they're looking for a printer that can take a little piece of how interesting their business is, how cool their event is going to be, and how fabulous they truly are, and put it on paper.

And that's what Hotcards does. We print, we design, we develop, and ultimately, we sell the glamour of our clients. In fact, Hotcards full color printing and design is so glamorous, that I just wrote a guest post on the subject for the blog Deep Glamour.

Deep Glamour: At the Intersection of Imagination & Desire

Specifically, the post is about the hip hop mixtape – how it's used as a promotional tool, and what goes in to designing cover art for it. Check the article out, it's pretty awesome, and Deep Glamour is a sweet blog.

And next time you're looking to inject a little glamour into your business, your event, or your mixtape, give us a call!

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