Ten Things To Do With Two Years Worth Of Election Campaign Printing

Don't throw it away, think creatively!

Now that the 2008 Presidential elections are over, there are a lot of people wondering what the heck they're going to do with themselves. But if you're feeling a little adrift, just imagine how it feels to be a piece of political printing! A lot of signage is suddenly out of job, so the real question is: what are we gonna do with all that political printing?

1 – Memory Value

A lot of sign and poster printing – particularly the nicer stuff from the Obama campaign – will find a place to live on the walls of homes, offices, and even art galleries. People are happy and proud to have been involved in this historic election, so they'll want souvenirs.

Even today, newspapers are printing additional runs of their 'Obama Wins!' issues, because everybody wants a copy.

2 – Recycling

A lot of the smaller brochures, palm cards, and direct mail printing will be recycled to be reused by green printers.

3 – Ironic Fashion

Sturdy poster printing can be converted into jackets, umbrellas, handbags, wallets, and other apparel and accessories. With the hipster culture's love of ironic fashion statements, McCain/Palin political printing should be particularly popular in this category.

4 – Reuse

When you're a green printer, you always ask yourself – how can I reuse something, rather than recycling it? Campaign printing can be:

  • Cut down into notepads.
  • Donated to schools as scrap and craft paper.
  • Painted over to advertise future events.
  • Folded into fans for hot summer days.

5 – Home Decor

Really cool stuff is being done with corrugated cardboard and other recyclables, which are the trendiest materials for home decor these days. Why not layer, glue, and shape political printing into furniture, fold it into lampshades, and use thinner paper stocks to stuff pillows, quilts, and beanbag chairs.

6- Cool Forts, Small Home Additions

Children and thrifty homeowners can use large sign and banner printing to construct the walls and roofs of outbuildings, tree forts, and other home additions.

7 – Fun On The Beach

Large signs and posters can be stapled together into crude 1-use surfboards, or shady beach umbrellas. Vinyl banners and other weather-resistant outdoor printing can be fashioned into small pleasure crafts.

8 – Sold On eBay

As we've discovered over the last few days, the whole world was watching this election, so why wouldn't they want some memorabilia?

9 – Obama/Biden (and dare I say, Palin?) 2012

Just when you thought the rollercoaster was over. Campaigners are already beginning to plan and scheme for the 2012 election race. I know good design is important to Obama campaigners, but to show their eco-conscience, they should reuse their signs from '08 in the 2012 run. Reusing old campaign printing would be a great show of their thriftiness!

10 – Christmas Decorations

Every year, so much money is spent on cheap single-use holiday decorations that go in the garbage after the New Year. This year, why not trim all that leftover political printing into tree ornaments, garlands and snowflakes? John McCain, in particular, produced many green and gold print designs perfect for the festive season. And who wouldn't be delighted to receive a gift wrapped in Obama red, white, and blue?

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